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Buy pantyhose to choose security categories of B products
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Pantyhose is a lot of female beauty love, actually buy pantyhose also has certain knowledge. Recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the sampling results of pantyhose sold more than business platform, 15 batches of checks, of which 3 batches of unqualified, unqualified rate of 20%, failed projects are the fiber content.

Remind the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, consumers in the purchase of pantyhose, in addition to the product information, see the product logo, is also recommended to do the following:

Pantyhose are made of woven spandex and filament into products, products have two kinds of thickness of pantyhose. Therefore, consumers can choose products with high content of spandex, pantyhose specifications of digital +D indicate the filament thickness of the logo, select the number of small thin tights, thick tights digital large; pantyhose must choose security categories annotation of B products, at the same time, choose light colored products.

The receipt of the purchase of pantyhose, consumer news about products such as there is no smell, pungent odor do not buy, contact the return of products; dark friction wipes in socks on the surface, to see whether fade significantly, fade obviously products do not buy, and contact return; for some bright and beautiful the colors, such as bright pink, light purple, pay special attention and concern, because these are the colors in the washing drying, easy to fade.

For the purchase of new pantyhose, before consumers should first rinse with water after washing, because later, in part because of free formaldehyde dissolved in water is reduced; and the water after washing can neutralize the fabric's pH, and can wash away the floating part of the dye in the stocking, safety and health.

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